Windscreen Repair

At Emergency Windscreens, we know that when your windscreen is damaged it is very inconvenient. You might not be able to drive safely, the damage might affect your vision, or you might choose to keep your vehicle parked to avoid risking further damage. As a result, and understandably so, you need your windscreen repaired fast and correctly. This is why we always aim to provide you with the highest quality windscreen repair services at excellent prices in the quickest possible time.

Before we start work on repairing any windscreen, our expert windscreen repair technicians will assess the damage to your glass. They will then provide you with advice on the ideal repair option. Not all damaged glass will need to be replaced. In fact, most minor windscreen damage can be quickly repaired – this includes small scratches, chips, or cracks.

Our highly skilled team has extensive knowledge and experience working with all makes and models. This includes luxury cars and commercial vehicles. Whether your car windscreen or window has seen only slight damage or suffered a complete break, Emergency Windscreens will assess the issue. We can repair or replace it in no time to increase the possibility of you getting back on the road as soon as possible.

Windscreen Repair

Mobile Windscreen Repair

Quite often, it is rather unsafe to drive a vehicle with a damaged windscreen. Even if it is safe, the smallest bump can see something minor grow into a major issue. For example, a tiny crack at one end of the windscreen can cause a fissure through to the opposite side! This is one reason why Emergency Windscreens is a completely mobile windscreen repair service. Our technicians will come to you at a time that suits, whether it’s at home, work, or anywhere else in Melbourne.

By coming to you, our Emergency Windscreens Mobile Windscreen Repair service will save you time and money. This would otherwise be spent travelling to and from a workshop. Plus if you use your vehicle for work, it will translate into less time off the road, and more time earning a living. Since it can be dangerous for you to drive with a damaged windscreen, it is only common sense that an Emergency Windscreens technician come to you and complete the job as quickly as possible.

Windscreen Inspection Process

When an Emergency Windscreens technician arrives at your location, they will inspect the windscreen and the damage. This is to determine whether it can be repaired. A chip can quickly develop into a deep crack. If the chip is small, hasn’t damaged multiple layers, and is located in a safe position (out of the driver’s eye line or away from edges) it may be possible to repair the damage. As a result, avoiding the need to completely replace the windscreen. Repairing the damage is cheaper and more time-efficient than replacing. Once our expert technician has made their observation, they will advise you on the next steps.

For damage that is no bigger than a 5 cent coin, there is a good chance that repair is possible. However, this will also depend on how deep a crack or chip has penetrated. If the damage has affected the middle layers of your windscreen, it may be better to replace the windscreen completely.

If you notice any damage to your windscreen – whether you drive a truck, commercial vehicle, luxury car or family car, contact Emergency Windscreens as soon as you can to avoid further damage. It could be the difference between a simple and fast repair or a more expensive change. Every Emergency Windscreens technician is qualified to repair and replace windscreens for all makes and models. All work carried out is to the highest standard.

Can My Windscreen be Repaired?

Can My Windscreen be Repaired?

As mentioned above, it is possible to repair minor scratches, chips, and cracks. We can repair the glass by injecting a special resin into the affected area. However, a number of factors determine whether we are able to repair the damage or if we will need to replace the glass completely. So why is it important to repair glass instead of just leaving it?

Chip repairs

  • It is important to fix a chip as soon as possible. Even day to day driving can see the smallest of chips turn into a large crack. Sometimes a chip can fracture out to look like a spider’s web. If more damage occurs, repairing your glass might not be an option. It’s best to call Emergency Windscreens as soon as possible.

Crack Repairs

  • Windscreen cracks need expert assessment and treatment. This is due to the fact cracks threaten the structural integrity of your windscreen and car. As a result, your car may no longer be safe or roadworthy. Having a crack repaired or your windscreen replaced urgently is important.

Scratch Repairs

  • A scratched windscreen may need repair or even replacement, depending on the damage. An Emergency Windscreens technician will assess your windscreen and have you back on the road safely with the least amount of downtime possible.

Windscreen Replacement

  • There are times when the damage to a windscreen is too major and/or in the wrong spot to simply repair the problem. In these cases, we will need to replace the entire windscreen. An Emergency Windscreens technician will make this call during the assessment process. When one of our technicians decides that a windscreen needs to be replaced, they will inform you. They will then communicate the turnaround time between that moment and being able to fit your vehicle with its new windscreen. Because we work on all makes and models, we can replace a windscreen that is compatible with any technology in your car. Further, all of our windscreen replacements come with a lifetime guarantee.

Windscreen Chip Repair

Windscreen Chip Repair

While windscreen chips may seem minor, they can quickly spread. This can cause irreversible damage to your windscreen if left unaddressed. A windscreen is made of different layers, which are hard to notice unless you know what you’re looking for. Often a stone may only chip the outer layer, and repair is very possible. However, if that chip moves deeper or wider in the glass, repair may not be possible.

Our team here at Emergency Windscreens are professionals with a wealth of knowledge across all makes and models. We use cutting edge technology and industry-leading techniques to ensure your windscreen is successfully repaired to the highest Australian and New Zealand standards. This process involves injecting a special resin that prevents the chip or cracks from spreading – essentially freezing any movement.

A small chip can turn into a costly crack in no time. It is vital that you get a chip checked and fixed as soon as possible. A repaired crack will be almost invisible, and the entire windscreen will be strong again, protecting your car and you.

How Are Windscreen Chips Repaired?

Every Emergency Windscreens technician has windscreen repair down to a fine art. Once assessed as a windscreen that is appropriate for repair, a technician will repair it in just four steps:

  1. The scratch, chip, or crack is cleaned to remove dirt, debris and glass fragments. This is done so the resin can bond more effectively and improve the appearance of the end result. If this step is missed, you might find that the end result is more visible to the eye.
  2. A vacuum seal will then be applied to the damaged section of the windscreen to remove any air trapped inside the affected area. This frees air and allows the liquid resin to penetrate any gaps within a scratch, chip, or crack. This results in a stronger bond and a tougher finish.
  3. When the resin has completely filled the damaged area, our Emergency Windscreens technician will cure it with a UV light. This step is vital to ensure the structural integrity of the windscreen.
  4. Finally, the technician will scrape, clean, and polish the newly repaired area of the windscreen to ensure the surface is smooth and clear. The damage will be nearly impossible to see.

These four simple steps don’t take long. In fact, the average repair time for a chipped, cracked or scratched windscreen is around 30 minutes. After that time, you will be able to jump back in the driver’s seat immediately. You can feel safe knowing our workmanship is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle. This is perfect if you make your living on the road, as there is hardly any downtime.

Broken Windscreen Repair

You may find this hard to believe, but your windscreen is one of the most important structural elements of your vehicle. As designs have become more sleek, aerodynamic, and lighter, more pressure has been placed on your windscreen compared to older models. A windscreen can actually help to prevent the roof from collapsing in the event of a roll. This is just one of many scenarios that a windscreen can potentially save your life. The unfortunate truth is that a damaged windscreen simply isn’t as strong and therefore not as effective.

You might feel the urge to brush off the tiniest amount of damage. But as we’ve already discussed above, that tiny amount of damage can weaken the glass and in turn encourage that damage to grow. This is where the phrase “a chip can turn into a crack” was derived.

As a result, you should always have a chip or crack assessed as soon as you see the damage. A chip smaller than a 5 cent piece can generally be repaired before it spreads into a crack that requires replacement.

Our expert team is trusted to respond quickly and act decisively. As a result, you can rely on us to provide you with superior windscreen chip repair, helping you save the expense of replacement costs.

Best Windscreen Repair

The Best Windscreen Repair in Melbourne

Emergency Windscreens technicians are the best in the industry. That’s a statement that our happy customers believe and that we strive to live up to.

The entire team at Emergency Windscreens boasts extensive expertise and experience across all makes, models, and types of vehicles. This includes luxury and older cars. Whatever you drive, your car will get the care and attention it deserves, as well as an expert repair. Whether you have a newer car with intricate integrated technology in the windscreen, or an older car that requires urethane adhesive, we know how to expertly repair your car.

All new Emergency Windscreens technicians receive training to elevate them to our high standards. All technicians are also educated in the latest procedures and technology to ensure the most correct operational standards and the best/fastest result is possible. Our team knows that if strict procedures aren’t followed, then problems may occur. This means the structural integrity and safety of your vehicle is in jeopardy, not to mention the effect it has on our reputation as the best windscreen repairer in Melbourne! Our experts ensure strict procedures are followed to ensure not only the fastest windscreen repair and replacement but also the highest quality.

Windscreen Repair Cost

Emergency Windscreens offer the best price guarantee with all our repairs. Our expert technicians will repair your car to as-new conditions, to strict Australian and New Zealand standards. Prices can vary based on the damage and other factors, so please contact us for a quote!

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Emergency Windscreens is Australia’s leading choice in windscreen repair and replacement. Contact us as soon as the damage occurs for prompt and efficient car windscreen chip repair for your vehicle. If your windscreen has some damage that you’re yet to address, call us right now!

Our technicians will come to you – at home, at work or elsewhere around Melbourne. A damaged windscreen is inconvenient, which is why we aim to help you to make life easier where we can.

All repairs and replacements carried out by Emergency Windscreens come with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. Contact Emergency Windscreens today, for the best in local windscreen repair!