Windscreen Repair

At Emergency Windscreens, we know how inconvenient windscreen damage can be. You might not be able to drive safely, the damage might affect your vision, or you might choose to keep your vehicle parked to avoid further damage. This is why we always aim to provide you with the highest quality windscreen repair services at excellent prices in the quickest possible time.

Before we start work on repairing any windscreen, our expert technicians will assess the damage to your glass. They will then provide you with advice on the ideal repair option. Most minor windscreen damage can be quickly repaired – this includes small scratches, chips, or cracks. Our highly skilled team also has extensive knowledge and experience working with all makes and models. This includes luxury cars and commercial vehicles.

Windscreen Repair

Mobile Windscreen Repair

Getting your car repaired is an inconvenience. You have to take time off work or out of your busy day to take it in, organise a hire car, and race back at the end of the day to pick your car up. And with windscreen damage, even the smallest bump while diving can quickly turn a small chip into a dangerous crack.

This is why Emergency Windscreens offers our professional mobile windscreen repair service. Our technicians come to you at a time that suits, whether it’s at home, work, or anywhere else in Melbourne.

Windscreen Repair Inspection Process

When an Emergency Windscreens technician arrives at your location, they will inspect your windscreen and the damage to determine whether it can be repaired. If the chip is small, hasn’t damaged multiple layers, and is located in a safe position (out of the driver’s eye line or away from edges) it may be possible to repair the damage. For damage that is no bigger than a 5 cent coin, there is a good chance that repair is possible. Once our expert technician has made their observation, they will advise you on the next steps.

Windscreen Repair Cost

Emergency Windscreens offer the best price guarantee with all our repairs. Our expert technicians will repair your car to as-new conditions, to strict Australian and New Zealand standards. Prices can vary based on the damage and other factors, so please contact us for a quote!

Can My Windscreen be Repaired?

Can My Windscreen be Repaired?

We can repair the glass by injecting a special resin into the affected area. However, a number of factors determine whether we are able to repair the damage or if we will need to replace the glass completely. Our team can handle a variety of repairs including:

Chip Repairs

It is important to fix a chip as soon as possible. Even day to day driving can turn the smallest of chips turn into a large crack. If more damage occurs, repairing your glass might not be an option. It’s best to call Emergency Windscreens as soon as possible.

Crack Repairs

Windscreen cracks need expert assessment and treatment. Cracks threaten the structural integrity of your windscreen and car making your car unsafe to drive. The moment you see a crack you should call our mobile service to have it repaired immediately.

Scratch Repairs

A scratched windscreen may need repair or even replacement, depending on the damage. An Emergency Windscreens technician will assess your windscreen and have you back on the road safely with the least amount of downtime possible.

Get in Touch with Emergency Windscreens Today

Emergency Windscreens is Australia’s leading choice in windscreen repair and replacement. Contact us as soon as the damage occurs for prompt and efficient car windscreen chip repair for your vehicle. If your windscreen has some damage that you’re yet to address, call us right now!

All repairs and replacements carried out by Emergency Windscreens come with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. Contact Emergency Windscreens today, for the best in local windscreen repair!