Why Windscreen Cracks and Summer are a Terrible Combination

Summer is coming and we’re all getting excited for better, warmer weather. With a range of outdoor activities available, we are excited to drive anywhere to have some fun in the sun. After being bundled up in the cold, we want to go out on adventures. But as much as the summer is good for us, it can be terrible for your windscreen. Especially if you have an unrepaired chip or crack. If your windscreen is damaged in any way, warmer weather should ring alarm bells. Today we are going to discuss why windscreen cracks and summer are a terrible combination!

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Does Heat Cause Windscreen Cracks in Summer?

The intensity of summer heat isn’t the only reason why a windscreen can crack in the summer. In fact, temperature changes are another culprit. The combination of intense heat, direct sunlight, and our attempts to cool the interior of our cars can be incredibly problematic for windscreens that are already damaged. As we all know, a chip can turn into a crack at any time. Even the smallest chip can turn into a crack that can spread rapidly in hot weather. It can also spread if there is a sudden and dramatic change in temperature. But why does this happen?

How a Windscreen is Made

Modern windscreens are made for two sheets of safety glass with a tin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between. These three pieces are then laminated together by applying heat and pressure in an autoclave to form a strong, protective material. When you have a chip or a crack in your windscreen it is usually only the outer layer that is broken. However, because glass expands with heat, any exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight can weaken wherever there is a chip or crack. This causes the damage to worsen.

All to often, cracks get longer and spread, travelling across the glass until a full windscreen replacement is necessary.

Dramatic Change in TemperatureWindscreen Cracks and Summer

Summer heat is a problem for windscreens because of our reaction to it. When we get into a boiling hot car, our initial reaction is to cool it down as quickly as possible. So we blast the air conditioner at the lowest temperature. What we don’t realise is that the sudden blast of cold air onto hot glass puts enormous stress on the windscreen. Which is why, if there’s a weak spot, you are likely to experience a serious crack.

How to Stop New Windscreen Cracks from Forming in Summer

To try and prevent dramatic temperatures from damaging your windscreen, there are some precautions you can take. First, try to park in the shade when possible, especially on extremely hot days. If this isn’t an option, you need to focus on not cooling the glass down too quickly. Start with your air conditioner on a low setting and slowly increase as necessary. Close the vents that blow directly onto your windscreen. Make sure all other vents are angled away from the windscreen as well. You can also open one or two windows to allow the natural airflow to cool the interior, and windscreen, down.

Can You Prevent Existing Windscreen Cracks from Growing

Of course, intense heating and cooling is not the only contributing factor to new racks forming. It can also cause existing cracks to rapidly expand and this is almost impossible to avoid. Trying to cool your car’s interior down slowly isn’t going to work because the crack has already weakened the windscreen. As a result, any change in temperature, not matter how gradually you do it, will lead to a windscreen crack expanding. So, no, there is really no way to prevent windscreen chips or cracks from expanding in the heat. Unless you repair or replace your windscreen.

Repair or Replace Your Windscreen Before SummerHow Much Does a Windscreen Replacement Cost

The best way to prevent chips and cracks from expanding under the pressure of the intense Australian summer, is to get them repaired as soon as possible. While some small chips and cracks can be repaired, if a crack is too big or if the damage crosses certain areas of the windscreen, you’ll have no option but to replace the entire windscreen. So it is best to get a repair done as soon as you notice windscreen damage, as a windscreen replacement is far more expensive than a repair. A windscreen repair is effortless. Mobile repairers, like Emergency Windscreens, can come to you and get the job done quickly, at your convenience. Whether you’re at home or at the office, our repairers can get the job done and restore your windscreen to full capability.

Before summer hits, if you have minor damage, or a windscreen that really needs replacing, contact the team at Emergency Windscreens. You can be confident that our team of professionals will get you back on the road and enjoying the summer fun as soon as possible!