What to Look for When Choosing a Windscreen Repair Specialist

Vehicle damage always happens when you least expect it and there’s nothing more frustrating than car window damage and choosing the right windscreen repair specialist who can source genuine parts is extremely important. A cracked windscreen or side window can lead to very serious problems, as well as safety concerns, even if the initial damage is minor. Luckily, knowing how to choose the right car window specialist will take the hassle out of repairing or replacing your damaged windscreen. Today we are going to discuss how to find the right repair specialist.

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How to Choose the Right Windscreen Repair Specialist

While some repair companies claim they offer quality repairs and service, not all window repair services are the same. Before booking in your car, always do a background check. To find out if a company is reliable, always remember to check:

1: Their Insurance Coverage

All reliable and trusted businesses, like Emergency Windscreens, are partnered with insurance companies. If you have significant damage to your windscreen and your chosen repairer is trying to avoid working with insurance, then reconsider their services. Emergency windscreens are partnered with VACC, IAME, and leading Mercedes Benz and BMW dealers to ensure you get the best coverage for your windscreen repair.

2: Customer Reviews

While word of mouth is the best form of advertising for a business, word of mouth is not the only way to find out a business is reputable. Nowadays, online reviews – whether on social media, forums, company websites, or Google My Business – are one of the best places to research a business. Emergency Windscreens not only utilises Google My Business Reviews but also website reviews from our customers. If you are considering us for your windscreen repair or replacement, please explore our reviews so you feel confident in our expert, quality repair services.

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3: Parts to Ensure Genuine Windscreen Replacement  

Does your windscreen need replacing? Will your repairer need to install new windows? You need to know that your chosen repairer has the right materials on hand. Emergency Windscreens only uses quality glass that meets Australian Standards or equivalent international standards. We only use glass from the highest quality glass suppliers and, in the case of luxury cars, we provide genuine glass (such as Mercedes glass). Whether it is front windscreen replacement, or back and side glass replacement, there is nothing we can’t do.

4: Ask Your Repairer About Your Vehicle

When you’re looking for a windscreen repair specialist, you need one that matches your specific vehicle. This is even more important in high-end and luxury cars which require specialist work due to the technology inside them. When you speak to your windscreen replacement specialist, ensure they have access to the right windscreens for your car. Emergency Windscreens specialises in the repair and replacement of high-end and luxury vehicles, and we always have the right parts on hand – or can source them quickly – so there’s no need to wait for your windscreen replacement!

5: Mobile Autoglass Repair

Mobile glass services are incredibly helpful and convenient. If you need a replacement or repair done, it can take time out of your day – which is frustrating for those of us who need to work. Whether you work from home or in the office, mobile repair services can come to you. This means, by the end of the workday, your car is ready and safe to drive home, perfectly repaired. Emergency Windscreens can visit you wherever you are for your repair. And our limited contact services means both you and our technicians are safe.

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6: Have Repairs and Replacement Done As Soon As Possible

Your windscreen and car windows are important, so they need to be repaired or replaced fast. Damaged auto glass is a safety risk for you, your passengers, and other drivers, and can also cause your car to be unroadworthy. You need to avoid delaying this replacement, so you need to choose an expert who can get the repair or replacement done reliably and on time. Emergency Windscreens offers our convenient, mobile service to ensure you get the highest quality replacement as soon as possible!

7: Great Communication

When you are looking for an expert to fix your windscreen, you need great communication. You want to be sure you’re not only choosing a real windscreen replacement expert but one who can confidently repair or replace your windscreen. At Emergency Windscreens, you can be sure that all our technicians are professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and confident, both on the phone and in person. You should always expect the best when partnering with a professional windscreen service.

If you need a quality windscreen repair specialist or replacement service, contact the team at Emergency Windscreens today! Our technicians are experts in all kinds of auto glass repair and replacement. So you have peace of mind that your car is in safe hands. Contact us now and take advantage of our leading mobile repair service!