Signs You Need an ADAS Calibration

In 2019, 1,195 people were killed in road-related deaths, which relates to over 3 people a day. 36% of fatal crashes occur in major cities. And single vehicle accidents made up just under 50% of fatal crashes. In Australia, over 190,000 fatalities on the road have been recorded since accurate car record keeping began in 1925. Every years since 1970 we have seen a decrease in the road death toll, with numbers dropping from 3,798 in 1970 to 1,195 in 2019. Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) is lowering this number. ADAS technology protects drivers as well as passengers from a collision due to human errors. The evolution of efficiency and high safety ratings of ADAS technology has led to numerous car manufacturers to adopt ADAS technology in their vehicles.

However, to keep this technology running efficiently, it is essential to maintain it. ADAS technology in cars relies on the windscreen for most of its communication. Further, safety sensors and cameras require the proper alignment of the windscreen to view the road and navigate potential obstacles. Any misalignment of the windshield can throw off the ADAS system and reduce the safety of the vehicle. Today we are going to discuss why you need ADAS calibration.

need adas calibration

What Does an ADAS System Do?

ADAS systems consist of a range of technologies, including cameras and sensors mounts on your car’s windscreen. The intention much of this is import safety technology is to help the driver remain safe. It pulls key data from the road to inform the driver how to move about the road. Many believe that ADAS systems have been significant in reducing as much as half the road accidents in a year. Because of this, car brands are increasingly including ADAS systems in the car models.

ADAS systems help with a range of things, including letting you know that you’re moving too close to a car or obstacle or if someone is driving too close to you. It also helps you manoeuvre your car safely into parking spots with park assist and allows for things like adaptive cruise control. Below is an example of some ADAS technologies:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Auto-correcting the wheels inside lane markers
  • Automating glaring headlights to assist other drivers
  • Detecting Obstacles (debris, animals, pedestrians, etc)
  • Parking Assist

When replacing or repairing an ADAS windshield, technicians must consider these technologies. Even a millimetre out can compromise how this technology works. Which is why a specialist ADAS calibration from experts, like Emergency Windscreens, is vital.

Types of ADAS Calibration

There are two types of ADAS calibration – Static and Dynamic.

Static ADAS Calibration

When it comes to static calibration, you bring your car to a special workshop. Technician do not need to drive the car to test if the calibration is working. It uses technological features to make sure that everything is in alignment. Technician use a camera and sensor calibration tool (CSC) for this type of calibration to work.

Dynamic ADAS Calibration

Also known as Mobile Calibration, technicians plug a handheld unit into the car. The car needs to be driven at a specific speed so that the system can be realigned. Testing and calibration must be done during ideal weather conditions, and the speed the calibration is done at will be specified by the car manufacturer.

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems

Why is Windscreen Calibration Necessary?

If you replace your windscreen, technicians will also remove the ADAS equipment and technology. Technicians then need to reattach it to the new windscreen. The windscreen installation is done with incredibly precise accuracy because the equipment is constantly calculating precise data from the road. The slightest error or miscalculation can result in your ADAS technology working improperly and potentially causing an accident. They will test the ADAS technology by carefully calibrating the windscreen to ensure the readings are correct. And the calibration will continue to make adjustments until the windscreen and ADAS technology are in perfect sync again.

When Do I Need Recalibration?

Recalibration is crucial as it allows your technology to view the road, obstacles, other vehicles, and pedestrians. It is important to consider a windscreen recalibration if:

  • Your windscreen was recently repaired or replaced
  • The dashboard shows a faulty code
  • The camera is constantly disconnected
  • You have recently realigned your wheels or changed your suspension

Emergency Windscreens will assist in windscreen calibration using smart windscreen repair and replacement techniques.

need adas calibration

What Happens When You Don’t Get ADAS Calibration?

Without proper ADAS calibration, you may get false warnings or inaccurate readings. Damage to the systems may lead to the systems going offline and not giving you any alerts. Or the system could alert you at the wrong time, causing you to make a quick, dangerous decision based on false information. If your car triggers the emergency brake in the event of a suddenly approaching object, a faulty ADAS system could bring the car to a stop at the wrong moment.

Your ADAS system being off by just a few degrees can cause this situation. The most important factor is, without a doubt, keeping you and your passengers safe on the road – as well as keeping other drivers safe.

Calibrating ADAS systems improves your driving and the safety of your vehicle. If not properly maintained, it could actually be a danger to you on the road, rather than a driving aid. Maintenance allows you to keep your windscreen display in good shape and condition. Calibration also ensures that your system reads normally.

Emergency Windscreens offers a range of reliable windscreen and autoglass services, especially ADAS calibration. We can calibrate your ADAS system in the case of a repair or replacement, or if you notice your system is displaying errors or other issues on the dashboard.

When our expert technicians calibrate ADAS technology, we ensure that your car is transmitting the best, updated information to you. Our mobile team can come to you wherever you are, to get you back on the road faster. Contact Emergency Windscreens today for more information on our ADAS Calibration and windscreen replacement services.