Rear Window Replacement

Rear window replacement is highly important. Like side window damage, rear windows are often more economical to replace than repair. Further, leaving a rear window damaged leaves you open to further damage and theft. Chips, cracks and scratches in your rear window glass leave the glass weakened, making it easier for the glass to be broken by storm weather or thieves. At Emergency Windscreens, our skilled technicians can replace your damaged glass quickly and professionally using quality glass. All our glass replacement and repairs come with a lifetime guarantee and comply to Australia’s rigorous safety standards.

rear window replacement

Emergency Windscreens Rear Window Replacement

As one of Melbourne’s leading vehicle glass replacement experts, Emergency Glass guarantees that we can get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our rigorous processes ensure all our replacements are done carefully and safely so your car will be like new. Emergency Windscreen replacement services are quick and hassle free, catering to all situations and vehicle types, including luxury vehicles. We quality check all our work to meet stringent car installation requirements. Further, we ensure that your replacement rear window is the same shape, size and contour of the original glass. Our technicians don’t force the glass as this can cause adhesion issues, water leaks and stress cracks.

Rear Window Replacement Hassle Free

While windshield damage is a common issue for drivers, Emergency Windscreens understands that there are plenty of other glass pieces that can crack and shatter. Just like your windscreen, your rear window is at threat from rocks, road debris, fallen tree limbs, and accidents. Further, rear windows often have a defrost grid that takes more time to install and/or repair. As a result, you need highly skilled technicians to handle these repairs. Contact Emergency Windscreens today to take advantage of our years of experience!

Rear Windows are Extremely Important

People often don’t realise how much they use the rear windows while driving. We as humans are so focused on looking and moving forward; this also applies when driving a car. We have to consider that it is much harder to see out of the rear window, and visibility is generally more inadequate compared to the front windscreen.
Every time we reverse and or change lanes while driving, we should be using our rear windows. Given that visibility is more inadequate, it is therefore even more important that any cracks or repairs that may further hinder visibility be repaired immediately. So many accidents occur due to a driver not being able to see clearly either while changing lanes or reversing. So when it comes to rear window replacement and repairs, we can assist you.  We can also assist with side windscreen replacement.