How to Keep Your Windscreen Clear During Winter

Winter means rain, fog, and an uncomfortable drop in temperature. And in Melbourne, we all know how crazy the weather can be, ranging from sunny and warm one minute to a torrential downpour the next. As a result, ensuring you have the best visibility is important to ensure you’re safe on the road. Poor visibility can cause a distraction when you need to fiddle with demisters or even attempts to wipe the fog from your screen. To avoid accidents and stay safe this winter, we are going to discuss how to keep your windscreen clear during winter.


1. Avoid Dirt and Grime Settling on Your Glass

Dust and grime tend to absorb moisture, which can be incredibly frustrating when it has settled on your windscreen glass. Dirtier windscreens will fog up sooner, making it harder to drive. As a result, it is important that you keep your windscreen clean, inside and out, all year round. Ensure you use an appropriate windscreen glass cleaner and an appropriate, soft, lint-free cloth so you can remove dust and stubborn dirt.


2. Regularly Defog Your Windscreen

There’s a wide variety of things that can fog up a windscreen. From hot drinks to damp shoes or clothes, to even the human breath, these all add to the humidity inside a car. And whenever moist, humid air in your car comes in contact with cold glass, your screen will suffer from the fog. Further, if your car has a demisting option, you should use it frequently. Ensure the vents are aimed at the windscreen and try to regulate the temperature first by turning it to cold and then slowly increase the temperature. This results in a drying out of the windscreen.

open windows to Clear Windscreen During Winter


3. Use Fresh Air to Keep Your Windscreen Clear During Winter

When using your air conditioner and/or heater in winter, it is important to remember that the same circulated air is more humid. So it is important to not increase the humidity by continuing to circulate this moist, humid air. Instead, open a window to let in some cold, dry air. This will, in turn, lower the dew point, decrease the humidity and help alleviate the mist/fog that appears on the inside of the windscreen.

clean interior windscreen


4. Don’t Wipe It Away

We’ve all been there! You’re driving along and suddenly your windscreen has fogged up. Your natural reaction is to reach out and try to wipe the fog away. But this is one of the worst things you can do. Using a cloth or your sleeve to wipe away the condensation will only make the windscreen fog up faster. Instead, be patient or pull over and wait for the fan and air conditioner to do their job.

Windscreen Clear During Winter


5. Keep Your Windscreen Clean

Some places in Australia are colder than others, meaning a layer of ice – or even snow – can develop on your windshield. In these cases, it is best to use an ice scraper to get rid of this ice before you start driving. Never pour boiling or hot water onto the glass. The abrupt change in temperature, known as thermal shock, can crack your windscreen glass, meaning you need to pay for a costly windscreen replacement.

We recommend the following when it comes to cleaning your windscreen,

  • Daily Windscreen Cleaning – You should ensure your windscreen is cleaned every day. This means wiping down your windshield with a lint-free, soft autoglass cloth and either water or an approved windscreen cleaner. Daily cleaning not only improves your visibility but also helps you check the windscreen for chips or cracks you might not have noticed when you were driving.
  • Cleaning the Interior of the Windscreen – It is important to remember that your windscreen interior is as important as the exterior when it comes to cleaning. You should clean your windscreen at least once a week but unfortunately, it is often neglected. This allows smears and grease to build up into tough stains. This is especially a problem in winter as it can increase the fogginess of your windscreen. Like the exterior of the windscreen, you need to wipe the inside of the windscreen with a soft, lint-free cloth and an appropriate windscreen cleaning solution.

change windscreen wipers


6. Avoid Using Faulty Wipers

Your wipers need to be in the best condition. If the rubber on your windscreen wipers is eroded or flawed, they won’t function well. This means rain and debris won’t be safely wiped off your windscreen, hampering your visibility. Further, eroded or faulty wipers can cause significant scratching and damage to your windscreen in the driver’s field of vision. When the driver’s field of vision is impeded, your car can be deemed unroadworthy. You will also require a full windscreen replacement, as damage in the driver’s field of vision cannot be repaired.

have your windscreen repair technicians been trained

7. Get Faulty Windscreens Repaired or Replaced

Faulty windscreens with chips or cracks can also cause issues with the driver’s visibility. Your windscreen plays an important role in your airbag functionality as well as the structural integrity of your car. In winter, adverse weather can further weaken your glass, leading to further damage. As a result, it is important that you get your windscreen repaired or replaced at the first sign of damage.

Concerned about keeping your windscreen clear during winter? Do you have a chip or crack that needs repair?  Contact the team at Emergency Windscreens today! Our team can come to your home or office to do your repairs, getting you back on the road, faster!