5 Tips to Take Care of Your Windscreen

Your vehicle is likely your most prized possession, after your home. So it is important that you invest in it with regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure you take care of your windscreen correctly. By making sure your car is always in the best condition, you not only extend its life but also promote the safety of those travelling in or driving it. While servicing might be the first thing to come to mind, regular maintenance involves more than just servicing. Keeping your car clean is highly important, especially keeping your windscreen clean.

Your windscreen doesn’t just shield you from the elements, it is a vital structural point of your car. It is also your window to the road when driving, and how clean the windscreen is plays a major role in your safety and everyone on the road.

As a result, it is important to keep it clean. Regular cleaning can also help you identify any issues with your windscreen, including chips or cracks. Today we’re sharing our 5 tips to take care of your windscreen.

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Windscreen

Taking proper care of your windscreen doesn’t need to be tedious. It is, in fact, incredibly easy:

Tips to Take Care of Your Windscreen

1. Daily Windscreen Cleaning to Take Care of Your Windscreen

It’s a good rule of thumb to ensure your windscreen is cleaned every day. It doesn’t need to be a big clean, even simply wiping it off while not only improve your visibility but also help maintain the windscreen itself. When cleaning your windscreen you should use a spray made specifically for windscreens and an appropriate windscreen cloth. This ensures you won’t add any new scratches to your windscreen by using the wrong products.

windscreen interior cleaning


2. Cleaning the Interior of the Windscreen

The windscreen interior is as important as the exterior and needs to be wiped and cleaned at least once a week. Unfortunately, the interior of the windscreen is often neglected and the smear and grease can build up into tough stains. This all affects the clarity of your windscreen, making visibility difficult, especially in winter. Again, it is important to use the right cleaning products and cloth for windscreen glass.

clean your rear windscreen


3. Make Sure You Remember the Rear Window

Too many people neglect their rear windscreen, even more than they neglect the windscreen interior. Just like the front windscreen, the rear windscreen is vital when you’re driving. If it is dirty or obscured, you might not be able to see or judge traffic properly. Once again, we recommend regular cleaning with the right products to keep everything in good working order.

rough roads dangerous to windscreen


4. Drive Carefully, Especially on Rough Roads

While it might sound frustrating, driving safely is paramount when it comes to protecting your windscreen and keeping it clean. If you are passing trucks or lorries, we recommend slowing down, so you can better avoid flying debris that might chip your windscreen. And if you’re driving on a road that has been recently resurfaced or unsurfaced road – such as country roads – it is important to slow down to ensure you don’t get a chip or crack from gravel damaging your windscreen. Even the roads we travel every day can surprise us, so it is important to never rush.

Stress Crack Take Care of Your Windscreen


5. Get Chips and Cracks Repaired Quickly!

If you find a chip or crack when you’re driving or while cleaning your windscreen, it is important that you get it repaired as soon as possible. A chip can quickly and easily turn into a crack, which can turn into a far more costly windscreen replacement.

A professional service, like Emergency Windscreens, can come to you to repair your windscreen. Whether you’re at the home or office, you can have your windscreen repaired by our team and get back in the road as soon as possible.

Chip repair only takes an hour or two – or even less – before you can get back on the road. In fact, you can drive your car almost immediately after it is repaired, rather than having to wait to pick up your car.

It can be difficult to notice a chip before it turns into a crack, which is why we recommend you clean your windscreen daily. By doing so, you’re more likely to find chips before they turn into cracks. And chips can very easily turn into cracks due to the stress placed on your windscreen by the rest of the vehicle, as well as the vibrations from the road. Further, driving on uneven and unfinished roads make it more likely your chip will expand into a crack.

Do you have a chip or crack you’re concerned about? Don’t delay, contact Emergency Windscreens today. We can come to you to repair your windscreen, so you can continue working while we repair it. There’s no need to interrupt your day with our call-out services. Contact us now for your windscreen repair and let us take care of your windscreen!