5 Common Falling Hazards for Windscreens

Windscreens are designed to be tougher than the side windows on your car. For safety, windscreens are a laminate of two thick glasses with vinyl in between. In the case of a severe impact, this special glass won’t break into dangerous, sharp, jagged pieces, which in turn helps minimise the risk of injury. As a result, your windscreen can take quite a beating. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged. And your windscreen is not safe, even when you’ve parked. In fact, most windscreen damage is actually caused by falling objects, not car accidents. Today we’ve made a list of the 5 most common falling hazards for windscreens, so you know what to avoid and how to preserve the safety of your windscreen.

Common Falling Hazards for Windscreens

1: Trees

Trees, and especially tall ones, pose many threats to your car, no matter the season or climate. Branches and fruits can fall of them and crack your windscreen. They can also scratch your paint job or dent your car. Some trees also produce sap that can damage the tint of your windscreen and ruin your pain. These risks get more likely if it is windy or raining, or if there’s an active storm. Avoid parking your car under trees in public spaces. At home, you can protect your car by either parking in a garage or trimming trees regularly to remove dead branches and any fruits.

2: Birds

Another reason to avoid parking under trees is birds. Parking under trees can invite the wrong kind of attention from birds. You don’t want to make your windscreen a target for bird droppings. Bird droppings are high in uric acid which causes blemishes on windscreens and car finishes if they are left to harden. Even removing these hard droppings can cause damage as it takes a lot of effort to remove them.

Sadly, like windows, windscreens are also attractive to birds who mistake them for sky. Birds can also accidentally fly too low and into traffic. Both run the risk of the bird physically hitting your windscreen. While there isn’t much we can recommend in regards to you hitting a bird while in flight, we can recommend not parking under trees!

3: Construction Tools and Materials are Common Falling Hazards for Windscreens

All too often Emergency Windscreens has been called to perform emergency windscreen replacements due to construction materials and tools. Windscreens are too often damaged during home or office construction, repair work, and improvements. Falling ladders, hammers, paint buckets, and other tools are the most common culprits. But all heavy tools and construction materials pose serious risks to your car and windscreen. It is important to always park your car in a safe spot, far away from active construction sites. If you’re a tradie, make sure you park as far as possible from the worksite.

4: Hail and Weather Damage

We all know Australian hailstorms can be frightening and violent. They are not only a threat to us, but also our vehicles. Storms can brew up all sorts of windscreen damage. While hail the most obvious and common damaging form of storm damage, a strong storm can blow down branches and even trees that can damage your car. Severe storms can also cause more car accidents. Where possible, park your car under shelter – like a car port or garage – when at home. If you are driving during a severe storm, pullover where safe to wait the storm out or until it gets lighter.

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5: You Are One of the Common Falling Hazards for Windscreens

Car owners are often one of the biggest risks for their vehicles and windscreens. All too often we are called out to repair a windscreen because someone has fallen into it. You should neve use your car as a kind of step ladder to get to higher places, like a tree or rooftop. While it might take a little longer, please go find a ladder. Not only do you risk falling and cracking your windscreen in these circumstances, you are also at risk of severely hurting yourself. Never use a car to climb to a higher place. Always go and find a ladder and ensure that ladder is safe and secure (because we don’t want you and the ladder falling on the car, either!)

What Do I Do If My Windscreen is Damaged?

While some accidents are predictable, like those listed above, others are not. If the inevitable happens and your windscreen gets damaged, contact a highly experienced repair team, like Emergency Windscreens. As mobile windscreen repairers, we can come to you, no matter if you’re at home or the office. Our aim is to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our trained technicians can assess the damage to your windscreen and advise whether you need a windscreen replacement or if a windscreen repair is possible. Contact us today to get back safely on the road!

Should you be impacted by these common falling hazards for windscreens and require quick windscreen repair or urgent windscreen replacement we can definitely assist you.